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Name: Chris Cole - Age: 29 - Residence: Bristol, UK.

Previous releases:
-) Manyfingers: s/t album released on Moteer Records in March 2004.
-) Chris Cole: 'i just want someone to know that this is me'.

-) Matt Elliott (aka Third Eye Foundation): been involved since 'The Mess We Made' and appears on the forthcoming Matt Elliott album 'Drinking Songs' due out in early 2005. play cello.
-) Movietone: been involved since the writing of 'The Blossom Filled Streets'. play cello/piano/guicello (homemade hybrid of a spanish guitar and cello)/trumpet/accordion/doublebass/fender rhodes.
-) Soeza: play drums on new album Why Do You Do? due for release on Gringo Records (UK) in January 2005.




Live appearances:
-) Manyfingers: have so far opened for matt elliott tours in 2003/4 in the uk, france, germany, holland, spain.
-) Matt Elliott: played cello/drums for matt's set during all of the aforementioned tours.
-) Crescent: as nearly all the members of movietone are also in crescent i normally stand in on drums during tours, although i don't feature on any of the recordings.
-) Herman Dune: whenever h.d come to bristol i normally join them on stage for a track, usually playing cello.
-) Emak Bakia: toured together along with matt elliott and manyfingers on recent tour of spain. last show in madrid joined them on stage playing drums.

... and live at the Rhâââ Lovely!



-) 2004 : 'Manyfingers' on Moteer.

Boomkat's point of view :
Manyfingers is the work of Chris Cole, long time mover within the Bristol scene and master instrumentalist on a myriad albums from artists both known and unknown - most recently on Matt Elliot's superb 'The Mess We Made album for Domino. This is the second release on The Remote Viewer's own Moteer imprint - brought to us nearly a year after the quietly acclaimed debut by the Clickits crept out into our collective unconscious from the Remote Views. Whilst working on their own new mini album for City Centre Offices, they've convened this beauty of a record, a magical arrangement of acoustic instrumentation and delicate crafting that sound both timeless and haunting. This is soundtrack music at its most evocative - an alchemical journey into audio imagery, with detuned pianos, accordions, flutes, reversed guitars, xylophones and creepy atmospheres that congregate around the suggestion that life really can be elsewhere. Hard to believe that the delicate cacophony at play on each of the 7 tracks are the work of just one set of hands. Close your eyes and you'll imagine a room full of rogue musicians stretching their arms and preparing their many fingers, hundreds of them in fact, to tease and caress the strange and wonderful objects and instruments at their disposal - all in pursuit of perfection. We implore you to give this a listen - it really is beautiful music of the most moving, inspired kind. Gorgeous.





A few tracks are to be downloaded here.



-) Moteer Records.
-) Third Eye Foundation / Matt Elliott.
-) Movietone.