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<insert name> festival 2017!

saturday april 8
@ écuries du Manège Fonck in Liege
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Mars Red Sky (fr)
A must for the European stoner scene, Mars Red Sky is making a unique sound with intriguing heavy grooves and highly melodic aerial riffs. Formed in Bordeaux in 2007, the band has, at last, the chance to play the festival after playing such well known festivals as SXSW, Roadburn, Sziget, Dour, Hellfest, Les Eurock√©ennes or London, Berlin and Antwerpen Desertfests. It will also be the opportunity for the rhâââ lovely team to welcome an old acquaintance: the guitarist-singer of the band, Julien Pras. He had played at the very first Rhâââ Lovely Festival 17 years ago with his band of the time: Calc.

Radar Men From The Moon (nl)
Instrumental rock band from Eindhoven consisting of Glenn Peeters, Jan-Titus Verkuijlen, Tony Lathouwers and Niek Manders. Their approach on the psychedelic rock scene is rather broad. By taking different genres into account such as shoegaze, neo-psych, space and noise rock, they take off in an interstellar exploration of new sounds.

La Jungle (be)
La Jungle, duo with six strings and four barrels in deep trance. Large primitive pulsions and sweaty dancing around a huge fire in the middle of the jungle. Two wild savages mix their debacles with few violent ostinatos. Throbbing shamans voices and overlap guitar riffs are supported by a wild and oozing drum.

Yeti Lane (fr)
Formed from the ashes of underrated psych- folk-prog quartet Cyann & Ben, the Parisian duo perfectly balances its love of analogue electronics with huge waves of guitar. With a voice badly licked but well moist under a sky cheerfully smashed by lightning and storm, the music of Yeti Lane is making you speechless... and happy.

Lost In Kiev (fr)
Lost in Kiev’s progressive energy leads to oneiric epic post rock while still emitting the massive energy of post rock. Their influences are Russian Circles, Red Sparowes, 65 Days of Statics, Cult of Luna, Maybeshewill, Mogwai... The New LP "Nuit Noire" coming in 2016 on dunk! records, is an anthem of the night. Odes to nights of dreams and loneliness that also become mystical.

Death Pedals (uk)
Hailing from Dalston, London, Death Pedals is a garage punk band influenced by Metz, Hot Snakes, Shellac and The Stooges. Their second LP "Meat House" came out in November 2016 on their own label, called "Rip This Joint". Expect some raw and wild rock n roll with these ones.

Terraformer (be)
Three piece. Instrumental. Oh My God Climax. Almost shredding. Wild. Cheesy layers. Rash looping. Evil patterns. Semi mosh. Catchy tappings. Messy. Sexy lads. Br00tal! Barefaced. Mickey. Ninja. Emergency. Cephalopod.Elusive. Booby hatch. Ham rotten. Homeric. Ethereal. Celurean. Dragon. Terrestrial. Epic...

Monnik (be)
Monnik (Monk) is a very apt moniker for this Belgian based experimental one-man band. Monnik wants to explore the boundaries of spiritual isolation, making his musical drones almost ascetic meditations. Layer upon layer of sounds and textures try to evoke an almost shamanistic ‚Äď if not religious ‚Äď atmosphere, in order to captivate the audience in an introspective hold.

6SISS (be)
One man electronic producer making cinematic madness, future beats, leftfieldism, … . 6SISS aims to create a most unique atmosphere with a chilled vibe and well-produced self-crafted sounds. Fusing organic textures with digital technology, using sampling and grain synthesis, sound design and not oriented rhythms, experience with deep sub vibes and creepy but coherent surroundings.

Martial Ozag (be)
Martial Ozag, from Liege city, Belgium. He has a passion for music and has found in djing a natural way of expressing himself. By combining smoky house and deep techno he has found his own style. Now, he focus on his own anonymous label with Karla Böhm.

Lyminal (be)
Lyminal is the moniker of Saint Nicolas-based w√ľnderkind Sebastian Otaku. His unique style of dreamy folktronica recalls influences from all ends of the musical spectrum; deeply textured, hypnotic songs pay homage to psychedelic pop the likes of Caribou and Washed Out, while the warmth of analogue instrumentation spliced with digital artifacts hints at contemporaries James Blake, Four Tet and Mount Kimbie.

The Night (be)
Nocturnal, conceptual and ambiguous project of the two founders of PopKatari. The Night chose not to choose. Between the most experimental electronics and chainsawed French variety. Between elegance and vulgarity. John Coltrane and Sophie Favier. Mud and galaxies. Do not expect anything but expect everything.

Expo: Héloïse Rouard (be)
Héloïse Rouard (aka Hey Cowboy), is a young Belgian photographer. She uses photography as a means of introspection to face his anxieties, his fears. His work is a sort of pell-mell which takes its essence through raw emotions, physical sensations, the meaning we seek endlessly to give to everything and this unbearable fear of emptiness. So many themes that cross her universe made of images to the forms of an unreal reality.

Food: Les Oiseaux s'Entêtent (be)
Vegan, homemade and yummy yummy!

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