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As you know, a year ago, Rhâââ Lovely teamed up with Mark It Zero and Silenceless to create a new festival. So the <insert name> was born! April 2015. Marriages, Sonic Jesus, Flies Are Spies From Hell,... the first festival was a blast and right after that swarm of great shows, PopKatari asked to join the crew.

After several months of hard work done by the four collectives April is coming back and...
the second <insert name> Festival is near!

Getting a presale is highly recommended to be sure to be able to attend the festival so it's time to get your ticket! You just have to send a request to stating your name with the amount and type of tickets needed.

Day 2 - Saturday April 9
@ Caserne Fonck

1 am The Third Eye Foundation (uk)
11.50 Aluk Todolo (fr)
10.30 Kokomo (de)
9.10 Matt Elliott (uk)
7.50 Platonick Dive (it)
6.30 Vandal X (be)
5.20 30,000 Monkies (be)
4.10 OLDD WVRMS (be)
3.00 No Metal In This Battle (lux)
2.00 Roy Neary (be)
Day 1 - Friday April 8
@ La Zone

11.35 MNHM (nl)
10.30 Ed Wood Jr (fr)
9.25 Oui Mais Non (fr)
8.15 Duane Serah (be)

Day 1 : 5€
Day 2 : 15€/18€
2Day : 17€/20€
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Aluk Todolo
-when krautrock meets post-rock and metal-

Adepts of occult rock as to believe from their album 'Occult Rock' released in 2012. Aluk Todolo is inspired by black-metal, hypnotic drone vibrations, post-rock constructions tinted by some noise-rock dissonances including the progressive elements of krautrock. In short, big sound and thoughtful compositions that make the band one of the most interesting of its kind at the moment. The latest album 'Voix' is very well received by critics and attracted the attention of many major magazines and webzines such as Pitchfork.


Matt Elliott
The Third Eye Foundation

-dark folk and drum&bass/trip-hop-

Beware, here is a cult figure of Indie music. A kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Hyde when he plays Drum&Bass/Glitchtronica with dark atmospheres under his Third Eye Foundation moniker. Or Jekyll when Dr. Elliott intricates crossbred Dark Folk melodies with guitar, loops and his beautiful crooner voice.


-post-metal turning to ambient-

Their mission is making music that doesn't necessarily has to be complex but has to translate their feelings and ideas into tunes by a combination of the atmosphere of post-rock, the soundscapes of ambient music and the turbulence of post-metal. If you love that kind of stuff, Kokomo is THE band you must listen and… see.


-noise and free-jazz-

Mannheim, now called MNHM is a Dutch quartet combining elements from noise, doom, post/math-rock and free jazz. A bunch of grooving bass rythms, incisive drums hammerings and fuzzy guitar riffs with 'Zu-like' saxophone hints. Their 2nd album produced by Rocky O'Reilly (And So I Watch You From Afar, Baby In Vain and Slomatics) will be released during summer 2016.


Platonick Dive
-therapeutic electronica-

Platonick Dive is one of the best gems of the Italian indie scene. Laptop and synthesisers melt with guitars that are pure cathedral of sounds, while the rhythm drive is fierce and obsessive.


Vandal X
-20 years of furiosness-

Vandal X is a two-piece noise band attacking our ears since 1995. Impossible to remain unscathed from their warlike riffs, screaming voice and drum hammerings. They served as support act for Fugazi, Tomahawk, Girls against Boys, Sonic Youth, Trans Am, Unsane,… They will present their 8th album "Vandal X" released late 2015.


Ed Wood Jr.

Ed Wood Jr is one of the most innovative duo of the French scene. Their keyboards lines, primal vocals and hellish riffs collide to perfectly square up and fascinate even the unaware listener. A vigorous math-rock that hypnotizes and easily convinces even the most refractory to that music style.


30,000 Monkies
-heavy sludge noise-

Limburg's 30.000 Monkies blasts everything away with their wild show, which would be about how The Melvins would sound when having a very bad acid trip. If you like noisey music, heavy fuzzy guitars, sludge with a bit of doom then you will do yourself a favour to add 30.000 Monkies to your favourites belgian bands.


No Metal In This Battle
-afro-math-post-punk attitude-

Afro-math-post-punk attitude quartet... what a scheme! Yes, No Metal In This Battle is an offroad band that will force you to dance especially if you don't want to. Their hybrid music sounds mainly like combining math-rock and dance music. That eclectic style leads the combo to play with some very different well known bands such as !!!, Minot or God Is An Astronaut.


Oui Mais Non
-maybe then-

Their leitmotiv is “I’m thinking one thing, I’m telling a second and I’m doing a third”. That’s why their music is so polymorphous. Sometimes lost in the savannah, sometimes stoic, sometimes frenetic, sometimes post rock, sometimes krautrock but always hugely great! Especially in live.


-dark and tormented-

Oldd Wvrms is a band officiating in an occult register insisting on a dark and tormented atmosphere. Blending the heaviness of doom and sludge with a blackened touch. Drawing its inspiration from ancient tales of witchcraft and forgotten rituals, OLDD WVRMS will certainly upturn some stomachs!


Duane Serah
-the new sensation from Liege-

When a member of The Scrap Dealers puts his talent in a new project, the result is the new sensation of our city: Duane Serah. A music that comes from the heart combining shoegaze and psychedelic producing a kind of inspired dream pop.


Roy Neary
-multiform post-rock-

Insistent, emotional, electrical and noisy, the music composed by Roy Neary follows the lead of post-rock bands such as Mogwai, Explosions in the sky... From beginning to end it is impossible to divert your ears!


Where to sleep near the festival??
Auberge Georges Simenon - 500m from La Caserne Fonck and 800m from La Zone

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